Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday Weekend!

Uncle opens his gifts
Pool Party!!
June is a crazy birthday month!  With 6 birthdays of people who are related to us (or should be in Lauren's case), 3 birthdays of people who are not, my furry nephew Bruschi and then Father's is a crazy month :)  We celebrated 3 birthdays this weekend and all three parties were outdoors.  It was a wonderful summer weekend of BBQing, swimming, good food, family, friends and FUN!
My nephew Jiggy
Saturday kicked things off with my favorite kids birthday party EVER!  I usually dread kid parties but this one was unlike any of the others.  It was a pool party and my friends K, H and I left our littles at home and were able to watch our kids in the pool (all who had life jackets on) while sipping sangria and chatting.  It was so much fun and a much needed break for all of us!
Loving that tree swing

Today we are EXHAUSTED (Lil'C fell asleep on the floor at noon and slept for 3.5 hours!!), a little sunburned, covered in bug bites and full of happy memories.  It was the perfect kick off to summer :)  Here are some photos from our weekend. Unfortunately I don't have any from my nephew Jiggy's second birthday party yesterday :(  I had forgotten my camera!!!
Z spent the whole morning in the pool

Auntie loves her new, "stylish" camera that she got for her birthday last month :)

Lil'C insisted on wearing long pants/sleeves for all 5 days of the 90 degree (or almost 90 degree) weather!!!
Water Gun Fight!  We got Uncle M one :)
Her Summer Birthday Present from Neene :)  Tinker Bell!!!!
Dad tries on the Swat Team Gear


Annie said...

Busy but fun month for your family.

The movie is not scary but my girls had some problems with a big bear but after that everything was fine and they love it.

Anonymous said...

Squat team gear? I think you meant SWAT team gear :) Doesn't sound as cool if you say you are on the "squat" team!

And thanks for saying my camera is stylish ;P

Fun weekend!!

Auntie K

Connie Weiss said...

We've been invited to two birthday parties this upcoming weekend. but I don't want to leave my house because of the heat. :(

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