Friday, June 1, 2012

Loving Vegan Life!

I am almost two weeks into my 30 Day Vegan Workshop with Heather Bruggeman from Beauty that Moves and let me tell you....this course has been just what I needed!  After a crazy busy month of May (organizing 2 events, sickness etc.), it has been nice to focus on good, healthy eating.  I am definitely a healthy eater by nature but I will readily admit that I do not eat enough vegetables.  This workshop has helped to put vegetables back into my life and in such delicious ways! 
 I am loving the recipes in this Workshop, they are so good!!  If you have the chance to do this Workshop when she runs it again, do it.  The information, cooking classes, self-help info, journaling....all of it is so powerful.

So has it been hard to be a Vegan?  Not yet.  I have eaten every meal at home so that has made it easier but this lifestyle is not too far from what I have done in the past.  I have been a vegetarian in the past and gave up dairy when nursing both of my kids (so that was 2 1/2 years of no dairy).  I make most of my own food from scratch and so other than missing milk in my coffee (although coconut milk is okay), it has been pretty easy and I feel great.  I even lost 2 lbs!!!
I do go away next week though and so I will be challenged without access to a kitchen.  I will try my best and do what I can to continue this healthy way of eating.  Heather stresses that this is not a challenge or a workshop that says you must eat Vegan for 30 is a workshop where we learn new things, encourage each other to do what feels right and celebrate what we are able to do.  I am LOVING it all!


Connie Weiss said...

Good Job!

I know for a fact that I could never be Vegan.

Annie said...

I like the fruit mix, yummy!!!

Have a great weekend.

Mom said...

What veggie was in the first picture? Looks good!

Mommy Lisa said...

I think it is good for your body and the environment to eat without animal products every so often. I love almond milk best that okay? ;)

Anonymous said...

Had a vegan lunch (yummy thai!) in honor of your challenge today! So delicious :) :)


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