Thursday, June 21, 2012

Confessions of a "Want to Be" Vegan....

The 30 Day Vegan Workshop has now come to a close and I must confess that I was not a true Vegan for the 30 Days.  I did love this workshop and have saved everything she gave us and plan to give it another go next Spring.  I think it is the perfect way to cleanse your body once a year....I will just make sure that I don't travel during my next go at it and plan in a little more time for me during it.  June, like May has been crazy and I was sad to not be able to give it my all.  But I am proud of what I did accomplish and here is a quick synopsis of my journey and the food items that broke me :)

Week 1--Awesome week, Awesome Food, not nearly as hard as I thought.  I was a bit gassy for the first few days (Hello BEANS!?!?!) but once I got past that my energy was good and I felt great!!! 

Week 2--Awesome week again....considered being a Vegan for life.  There was nothing I was craving, the food was delicious and I was super energized. 

Week 3--First half of the week was great but busy.  I was finding things a bit more challenging this week and sad about the fact that I could not fit in the yoga I so desperately needed.  I was busy getting things ready for my weekend away and researching Vegan Options on Nantucket.  There weren't many and thus I decided to try my best and perhaps go Vegetarian.  This is what I did and only ate dairy/eggs when there were no other options and I must confess I did put milk in my coffee :(

Week 4--After falling off the Vegan bandwagon in Nantucket, I spent the first two and a half days home working my Vegan magic again.  Things were okay but different.  I was now craving milk in my coffee and other non-vegan things (cheese).  When my friend K came over with popovers and homemade graham crackers.....I had some :(  They were filled with butter and so good!  I was starting to lose it my devotion at this point.  I made it through Thursday okay but then Friday was challenging with two birthday parties and not enough time to come prepared.  One slice of pizza and a strawberry shortcake biscuit later....things were unraveling fast. Then came the weekend and our two visits to the beach in Maine.  I ate great all day but we went out for our traditional lobster could I not have LOBSTER??  Then there was the clam chowder....:(  I had fallen off completely.

For the last two days of the challenge I ate Vegan but was no longer feeling the way that I once did.  I was sad that I had not made it but proud of what I had accomplished.  For 30 days I had very little animal product and for 2 1/2 weeks I was a true Vegan, something I have never done in my life. So next year I hope to do better and I truly recommend Heather's 30 Day Vegan Workshop!  It is so much more than just Vegan Recipes (which are incredible by the way!!!)....the articles, cooking demonstrations and posts she does are WONDERFUL. 


Michelle said...

Don't feel sad . . . you accomplished a lot!!! Yeah, I couldn't say no to scallops. Delicious little things. It's almost impossible to eat vegan away from home. The days when we were on the road and unprepared tripped me up.

Next time, look for coconut creamer for your coffee. No strong coconut taste. I think it's made by So Delicious. Best. Stuff. Ever.

Connie Weiss said...

You did great considering you traveled and who COULD turn down a homemade graham cracker and Lobster. Not I!

Mom said...

Hey, you did a great job! I am proud of you. If you decide to do it again, you will have a better understanding of what you need to plan. But, you did a fantastic job!

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