Thursday, August 16, 2012

Camp Mommy

It was one of those hot summer days where time seemed to drag.   When this use to happen in my classroom (I taught year round), I would have a Camp Day :)  A day where we broke routine and did things that were "camp like".  These things included singing around our fake campfire, eating s'mores from the microwave, Arts and Crafts, Games and Water Relays, Team Building activities and we usually ended with ghost stories in the dark around the fake campfire.  I am not sure any school would let me get away with that today in our testing crazed society, in fact when I worked for a really horrible principal the kids knew anytime the door opened they should start reciting their times tables :)  Any time the door opened, no matter what we were doing, they would start chanting, "1x1 is 1, 1x2 is 2...."  :)  I know she wouldn't have approved of me going off of the curriculum for a day but it was an amazing community building day with tons of academics thrown in.

I decided to take this approach with the kids on this hot summer day and I have to say, it worked out really well :)
We had s'mores (well the parts of them, my kids don't like them mushed together), sang songs, read camp books, had relay races, water balloon fights, spent a lot of time playing outside, brought out the train bucket which they haven't seen in months and did Arts and Crafts :) It was a really fun home day!


Anonymous said...

I like your "sneaky teacher" approach! I could use a camp day- a break from the routine- without the Sound of Music, please :)

Connie Weiss said...

I love this idea!!

I need some team building ideas. Keith's office keeps trying to do some but they are lame.

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