Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Garden :)

This year the Garden has been doing quite well.  Despite the drought conditions and our vacations is our best garden yet.  The tomatoes are taller than Lil'C, the cucumbers are growing like crazy, we have our first few peppers, the zuccinis are coming and the beans did well.  We even have a few baby pumpkins starting to grow!
We struggle each year in August because I am on vacation at the lake for much of the harvest. This year we had to hire someone to water on the days when Scott was not around and I even had to make some trips home to tend to it.  After all that work, I was not going to let it fall apart!!!
Once again, I have learned a lot and made many mistakes.  Each year I learn more and the next years garden benefits.  The one thing I can't seem to master is the sunflowers.....maybe next year!


Anonymous said...

Gardens will thrive especially when you're not looking.
Our biggest challenge is gardening in harmony with the fauna. Especially difficult this year have been the woodchucks.
They never stop eating the good stuff.
We'll send you pix of the Kiki sunflower garden. It managed to survive the beasts. and grew very tall!!!
Love U Guyz,
GpJ &Mimi

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