Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Daddy!!!

Today is my AMAZING husband Scott's birthday.  He has finally caught up with me and we are now both 35 :)  We both have a list of things we want to accomplish by the time we turn 40 and one of his goals was to learn a piece so well on the piano that he could go into any room/bar/restaurant with a piano and sit down and blow the people away with this song.  I decided that for his birthday we would make this goal a bit more accessible.

On Monday night we surprised him with a new keyboard (thanks Mom and Dad) :)  The gift came  with headphones so he can play long after the children are asleep.   He LOVED it and it is my hope that this gift will be an inspiration to accomplish his goal.  He is already working on a song or two as he searches for that perfect song :)  Z and C are also loving Daddy's new present :)

Happy Birthday Scott!!!  May 35 be an epic year of Endless Summer ;)

And Happy Anniversary to my Parents :)

Love you both very much!!



Lee-Ann said...

Awww, what an amazing gift! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Connie Weiss said...

WHat a great gift!

Happy Birthday Scott!

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