Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting Back on Track....

At the beginning of the year Scott and I were on track to be debt free by June.  We were diligent for 4 months about this plan and really curbed our spending.  By the end of April, we got lazy and lost site of our goals.  Some bigger expenses came up, we went on a few vacations and by this month were were almost right back where we started in January :(
So here we are....starting from the beginning and hope to stay the course this time.  We have started up our weekly budget meetings again, updated our spreadsheets and debt snowballs and have been more realistic about our budget.  If things go well....we should be debt free in a year (and this includes a planned family vacation).  We always joke around about the fact that we don't have fancy cars, clothes or a fancy house....so why is it so hard to stay on track?  Well when looking over our spending over the last 4 months, it shocked me how much the little purchases in life add up.  So those are temporarily on hold and every penny spent in this house will be accounted for from here on out.
 So once again family and friends, we are back on the Dave Ramsey bandwagon and are cutting back (for REAL this time).  We will catch you on the cheap or better FREE outings and hope that you can help us on our journey.  A journey that will require strength and creativity.  Next fall there will be a big celebration for our family....A DEBT Free Party!!!


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