Monday, June 24, 2013

Celebrating Summer Solstice

Friday was a fun day for our clan.  Summer solstice brought with it wonderful weather and we tried to make the most of every hour of the longest day of the year.

We started off the day at a beautiful state park with my sister and her kids.  The kids played on the playground, swam in the lake and played in the sand.  Lil'C made a little friend on the beach and spent the entire day playing with her.  Everyone had a really great day.

Our evening was spent eating watermelon, playing with their glow sticks, eating s'mores, playing outside in our pajamas, conducting some night vs. day experiments for Camp Mama and then going on a big Moon Hunt.  This was so much fun and we ended up on Auntie Kristen's beach.  The Super Moon was indeed Super and the kids loved staying up late to search for it.  It was a wonderful first day of summer and we so enjoyed the extra time and the beautiful weather that the longest day of the year brought for us!


Mommy Lisa said...

FUN - we spent the night without power after trying to go swimming after dinner. :( Yours looks more fun!

Connie Weiss said...

You guys have the most fun!!

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