Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer is Here!!!

Well technically Summer begins on Friday but today was the first day that really felt like summer vacation.  It wasn't a particularly warm day but it just felt like summer all day long.

We woke up, took our time, read some books and then headed to a Princess Birthday party for a sweet little 3 year old.  The kids had a blast bouncing and it was fun to connect with moms I hadn't seen in awhile.

We got home, had lunch and decided to have the first water fight of the year. We had so much fun running through the yard, laughing and squirting each other.  Once we were dressed we brought out the big blanket and the kids sipped on popsicles while we watched the clouds go by.  We read a few more chapters of our book, "face-timed" with my mom in the hospital (she has a new knee now) and searched for cool cloud shapes.  We then drew with side walk chalk and enjoyed a lazy, summer day.

These are the days I love.  It was not too hot, not much on the agenda and we had so much fun spending time together.  Summer is here.


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