Monday, June 3, 2013

Adventures in Mommysitting

Friday night was like a scene out of Adventures in Babysitting.  I was playing the role of Chris Parker (played by Elizabeth Shue, people say I look a bit like her) and Scott was playing her "frantic friend" Brenda.  So here it was 9:40 at night and Scott was STRANDED at the bus station.  Yes it was downtown Salem, NH not Chicago but still it was just like the scene from the movie (see below).  The taxi service was a no show and poor Scott had been trapped at the bus station for 2 hours.  The station was closed, our kids fast asleep....what to do?!?!?

please picture Scott while watching these clips from the movie!

What choice did I have?  I had to save my man!  I tried to wake the kids (impossible task) and thus had to carry them both to the car.  I drove into the night in the corolla (so wish I had a wood-sided wagon) to rescue Brenda my man.  We drove up to the dark and "scary" bus station and there was no sign of Scott anywhere, I thought that he might have lost his glasses or was busy petting a sewer rat!  I called him and was relieved to hear that he was at the front of the station, just out of sight.  He was excited to see his rescue mission, got into the car and thankfully we avoided any run-ins with mobsters, old boyfriends and the like.  We headed home.

Mommy, Lil'C and Z


Anonymous said...

Life is better than a movie!
Did the kids even wake up?????
I'd like to see you swing on a rope
sometime like Ms. Shue :)


Connie Weiss said...

Poor Scott...but That's awesome! I just love that movie.

'You slip me the cash, and i'll slip you the weiner!'

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