Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!!

Well it is Earth Day today and my schedule is so jam packed there is really no time to go out and do anything special for it. So that is why I liked this graphic so much....I truly have been focusing on this all month and it really is important to think about it each and every day :)
We are planning on getting some little seedlings later this week to plant in our yard (sometimes you can get them for free), have been working on switching over to all recycled paper products (toilet paper is our last to go), have been trying to get Z to use the potty (not going so well) and have been researching starting a compost pile. Those our our contributions for Earth Month this year :)
So for today, I think I will TRY to read Z my favorite book of all time, the Lorax and another cute book I picked up just for him this Earth Day. There are so many good books out there to help children of all ages understand why it is important to pitch in and help our planet. I had many in my classroom and even started an Earth Kids Club in my school. It was amazing how passionate kindergartners could be about saving trees, endangered species and recycling. I have compiled a list in here of some great reads (sorry it is the teacher in me). Feel free to check them out :)

Happy Earth Day!!!!


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