Sunday, April 20, 2008

My child is a Goat....

A few months back, I was over at my friend K's house looking at a basket of children's books that she keeps in their kitchen. Most of them had large chunks taken out of them. When I asked her about them, she explained that her daughter (who was 16 months at the time) ate them. I began to laugh and nicknamed her "Goat Girl". K explained that she eats everything paper! Boxes, books, tissue paper....everything. It was very frustrating for K.

Well I guess I shouldn't of laughed because it looks like I have "Goat Boy" living with me. I just came from Z's room where I found lots of chunks taken out of his books. When he came running in, I handed him one of the books and he opened it up and rather than reading it, started to chomp away!!!!

This makes me wonder, how many goat children are out there? How many children love to eat books and or paper??? I think I might have to do some research on this the meantime I am locking up all of our valuable paper products and books ;)


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