Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Swing Set Update

Well it is pouring rain today and poor Z has to look at his half built swing set from the slider. He keeps saying "ousiii....ousiiii". He then signs "rain" and walks away to find something else to do.

Well the weekend was very busy for us! Between my best friend getting married, a surprise birthday party, a BBQ and the swing set raising party....we were beat come Sunday night. It was a fun weekend (especially the wedding) and pretty productive as well. No, the swing set is not done (we ran into some set backs on Sunday) but S and I were out there working until almost 10:30 Sunday night to make sure that Z could at least swing :) He did get a few moments of swing time on Monday morning before the rain. He giggled and cried out "weeeee". He was so excited. Tonight we hope that the rain will stop long enough for us to install the railings and slide. He will freak out when he sees the slide....I can't wait :)

Thanks to everyone who helped us with the swing set. Congrats to L, J, N and C.....the wedding was perfect and L you were gorgeous :) Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it!!!!


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