Sunday, April 13, 2008

To Swing or Not to Swing.....

That is the question around here we get the swing set this year or wait until next??? Well after playing over at a friends house the other day (who has a swing set) I came home with my answer :) I thought he would be too little but Z loved this swing set. I knew he loved slides but this was ridiculous....he was shaking with delight, giggling every time he went down the gigantic slide. Then there were the swings to which he would say "weeeeeee".

My two friends K and J are in the market for new swing sets as well. K wants an outdoor playland so that her daughter does not have to be trampled at the local park :) She already has a play cottage, see-saw, sandbox and water table (hand-me downs from a generous neighbor). Her husband is now trying to find the perfect swing set. J had to beg her man to get a swing set but with twins.....she needs one most of all! Her daughter O is obsessed with swinging and J swears that her kids will not cry anymore if they are able to swing everyday. I think it will be J who will not have to cry anymore when her twins run off in two different directions at the park!

So I came home and asked S if we could get a swing set. I explained my reasoning and waited for an answer. He asked why not just get Z a Little Tikes Slide or a climbing structure? I explained that for only a few hundred more dollars we could have a swing set that he could use for his entire childhood and one that would be durable and last. I asked on the right night because without too much debate he said "yes!!!". Yippeeee!!!!

So we will be joining our friends in playgroup and getting a swing set. This now means we need to have a swing set raising party! I love parties and I think this one will be fun. We will have the grill out, beers in the cooler and hopefully the sun will be shining! We plan on inviting my sisters and their husbands, my mom and dad and maybe a few manly guy friends over (hey A what are you doing on the 26th??? :)).

I will keep you posted on the progress of our swing set and post pictures of our party! Hopefully Z will only have to wait a few more weeks before he can say "weeee" in his own backyard!


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