Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Bless You Mamma"

I almost cried when I heard these little words come out of Z's mouth after I sneezed just now :) How cute is he? I sneezed and he looked up at me from "Super Why" and said with the cutest voice, "Bless You Mamma". How sweet!

I do have to admit that Z is more polite than S and I are :) He says "Please"and "Thank you" for EVERYTHING! :) He is so good about it and strangers are always very impressed. "Please" and "Thank You" were signs he learned early on and so he still signs "please" when he says is really cute (although it looks like he has a bit of a twitch :)).

Sorry to brag about my kid but he is so damn cute (most of the time...did I mention we are now entering the Terrible Twos).


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