Friday, September 12, 2008

Trains, Trains and Bob the Builder

So Z and I have been spending a lot of time at my mom's lately (because of my Noni) and there they have a set of Brio Wooden Trains :) They were my sisters when she was little and this past Christmas, my mom added to the set for Z, G and my dad :) Z loves these trains and always runs to them whenever we walk in the door. We take out the big container and build all sorts of great tracks. My dad often joins in and it is really a lot of fun.

Over the last few weeks Z has become very obsessed with both trains and Bob the Builder. Whenever we see a train book or a Thomas display he runs over shouting, "choo choo". He spends about an hour at the local toy store train table moving all of the trains about and talking to them. At the hospital they have a big construction site with lots of men in hard hats. Z always shouts to them, "Hey Bob Builder!". And every night he sings himself to sleep singing to his stuffed Bob the "Bob the Builder Theme Song". He sings "Boooooooooooob Builder....we fix it! Boooooooooooob Builder....we fix it!" over and over. It is really very cute (we got it on film).

Well now, I too have become obsessed with both :) Planning Z's birthday party has got me thinking all about trucks and Bob :) Planning his party has been a nice distraction from all that has been going on. I have the favors all set, I think I have the menu down and now I am working on the decorations! The invites came out really cute and I have gotten a lot of compliments on them :)

As for my new train obsession....before a few weeks ago I knew nothing about Thomas (other than he was a train and I don't think I was even sure about that). Now I know many of the trains names, that they work on the Island of Sodor and know all about the different train sets and destinations :) I decided to take A Buns Life's advice and get Z his very own train set for his birthday. Thanks to coupons and a big sale at TRU I was able to get a train set and tracks for Z for only $33.00 (normally $60.00). I have also gotten him a few of the truck trains so that he can have his two loves come together this birthday. My obsession has continued into thoughts for Christmas. I am now researching the perfect train table for Z. If you have any tips...(good or bad)....please let me know! A Bun's Life, I would love to know what you have :)

As for an Noni is doing okay. She was moved to rehab on Wednesday and then moved right back to the hospital because she had pneumonia. That was a bit of a traumatic day for her. She is recovering from the pneumonia and will hopefully be moved back to rehab early next week. She is in pretty good spirits considering all that is going on. She is really quite something!


A Buns Life said...

I'm glad to hear that she is in good spirits and am hoping she will be moving back to the rehab soon!!

Dave actually built a table for Jake because they wanted something bigger than what was in the stores and I wanted something cheaper and that I could paint to blend in with the rest of the rec room. He isn't a super carpenter or anything (but he does have some knowledge...) and now Olivia uses it for her dollhouse so it was a great decision!

If you decide to buy one, I wouldn't buy one new....look around on craigslist or at the resale shops. They are just so expensive! Good luck. No matter does seem like he is as addicted as Jake was so you will get good use out of it. Pottery Barn has a really nice one that isn't cartoony and looks like a nice piece of furniture too. Just depends are what you want. :)

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