Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Perfect End to Summer

I am so sorry I have been out to touch! I got home around 10pm on Monday and then found out that my sister in-law was coming to stay for the next two nights :) I am just now unpacking, doing laundry and trying to catch up on all that I missed while I was away :)

Z and I were blessed with the most perfect week at the lake :) It erased all of the rainy memories from the two weeks earlier in the month! My mom joined us for the entire week and S and my Dad were in and out. We had S's sister and her family up the first weekend and then my sister and her family came over labor day. But most of the week it was just us.....nice, quiet and sunny!

Z and I filled our lazy days with sandcastles, swimming, reading (I finished a book in a week!), puzzles (I did 3 large jig-saw puzzles), running (ran 28.5 miles...not all at once), shopping, trips to the library and so much more.

The week was full of firsts for Z. He tubed for the first time and loved it! Don't worry....I was with him in the tube and the boat only went about 20 miles per hour. In fact, my dad was able to keep up in his kayak! Z got to drive the jetski with me for the first time and even got to ride on a 4x4 too ;) These three events made his week!

The biggest first of all for Z was that he found his first best friend, "A" :) "A" is 9 years old and Z is in love with him. They played together all month and Z could not get enough of "A". "A" would greet Z as soon as he got up in the morning and they played together all day. They went on wagon rides together, went for boat rides, played in the sand, played baseball and shot hoops. "A" came over for breakfast and lunch and seems to love Z as much as Z loves him. They had a five hour good-bye of hugs and high fives. It was very cute!!! Unfortunately "A" lives about 5 hours away but Z will see him over Columbus Day. "A" gave Z two of his old trucks which Z treasures!

It was a great vacation and admit that I was a bit teary when we left. It was the perfect balance of family, friends, relaxation and fun. I know that we will all remember it for many years to come!


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