Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Cold That Won't Quit

Z is still asleep right now and I hope that when I go to get him, his nose is running clear again! Better yet...not running at all!!! For a week now, Z has had a disgusting runny nose. For days he wasn't sleeping or sleeping way too much! He was clingy, had a bad cough and was very fussy. For the past few days he has been doing much better but his nose just won't quit!

This nose has kept us in quarantine for the past week. Playgroup and his activities ban children with green and yellow runny noses (and rightfully so). So that has left Z and I to find things to do on our own. Last week was actually a nice break for us. After spending so much time at my mom's and the hospital and the lake the weeks before that...it was nice to have some downtime at home. Now we are itching to get out and see other people!!!

So Z, I hope you are feeling better because Momma is going "Stir Crazy"!!!


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