Friday, September 26, 2008

I Can't Believe Your Two!!!

My little Bubba...I can't believe your TWO! My eyes fill up with tears thinking about how quickly time has passed and how wonderful the past two years have been with you. It is so hard to imagine a day when you were not in my life.

Every day instead of waking to an alarm clock, I am blessed to wake to the sweet sounds of your voice. I enter your room and am greeted by the warmest smile and a greeting of, "Hello Momma". You jump into my arms and give me the biggest bear hug and a gentle pat on the back (this melts my heart). I then bring you into bed with me where you greet Daddy with the same enthusiastic hello.

Our days are filled with laughter, quiet chats, songs, dancing and trips to many different places. We do have our days of tears and frustration but those soon fade and are replaced by giggles and hugs. You are the perfect age at this moment in time! You are so pure and sweet and love everything life has to offer. The terrible twos have not quite set in and your little melt downs and tantrums are easily dealt with. You LOVE to spend time with me and this means so much to me. You are so polite and sweet and say so many wonderful things....."Thank you Momma", "Please Momma", "Nice Momma", "Good Job Momma", "Hugs Momma". I am still waiting for the day when you say "I love you Momma" but your sign for love and the hugs that you give are enough to tide me over.

Z, I could eat you up. You grow and change everyday and I love to see all of the new things that you can do. I love to hear you count to 12, identify your shapes and shoot a basketball like a pro. You are always on the go and sooooo busy. I love that you can play independently and love to watch all of the games that you make up on your own. Z you are very chatty (just like your Momma) and have so many important things to say. I love to watch you stop, put your finger to your ear and listen to different sounds. You always say "Listen Momma" and I too put my finger to my ear and listen. You then identify what you think it is...too cute!

I can't believe that two years have gone by already. It seems like just yesterday I was rocking you in your glider at 2am praying that you would go back to sleep. I remember reading about how important it was to treasure those late night hours (as hard as they were) because I would never get that time back with you. Well they were right....there is a part of me that misses rocking with you and softly singing into your ear. It is the rare night that I get to do that now and you are so big now that it is a little more awkward for us:)

Z I love you so very much and thank God for you everyday! You have changed my life and given me the best gift of have made me a mother. Thanks for being you, for being so sweet and for loving me so much. I know that there are big changes ahead for us as you continue to grow but if we go through them together as a family, I know we will all grow together.

Happy Birthday Z!!!


A Buns Life said...

So Sweet!! Happy Birthday!

Mom said...

Little Z,

Happy Birthday to our favorite Grandson! We can't believe how fast the past two years have gone, and can't imagine a life without you. The unconditional love we see on your face when you come running to us, melts our hearts.
We are so lucky to have you, Little Z. Happy 2nd Birthday!

Neene and Chi Chi

Leanne said...

Happy Birthday Z! Love the pictures - Enjoy!

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