Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Can't Take It Anymore.....

If I have to listen to the "Bob the Builder" theme song one more time...I think I might cry! We can't listen to music in the car anymore without it being the "Bob the Builder"! If I put on anything else, I hear "Bob Builder again....Bob Builder again..." over and over!!!! Occassionaly he will say "Choo Choo Train Song" and then we mix it up by playing the "Thomas the Train" theme song but that is it!

S won't even turn on the radio when he is in the car...he can't take the song anymore. He drove 35 minutes to my parents house and heard the song about 15 times and that broke him. I hate the quiet and so when I ask Z if he wants to sing a song instead...he insists that we sing the "Bob the Builder" Theme song :) I just can't win.

We also listen to this wonderful song in the house all day long! Does anyone out there have another song, similar to the Bob the Builder song, that I could introduce my son to??? We really need to mix it up :)


Leanne said...

Hmmm. No great ideas here.

I used to tune in the Disney radio station when my kids were little. The songs may drive you a little crazy but at least the kids liked it, there were stories thrown in, it was appropraite for kids and, most importantly, it wasn't too repetitive.

If you google Disnay radio they'll tell you were it is in your area.

Just a thought!

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