Monday, August 24, 2009

The Lake Without Noni

This is our first summer at the lake without Noni and it has been harder than I imagined. She was such an important part of our time up here and her absence is definitely felt. As I was going through some old games the other day, I found her old Yahtzee score sheets and I started to cry. I save everything in the game boxes (I even have Yahtzee and Clue game sheets from my Pops and he died in 1995) and it really caught me off guard to be staring at her old score sheet. Games were her thing....bridge, yahtzee, cards, board games, she loved them all!

My great aunt, Tante (Noni's sister), is also missing from the lake this year. She decided to stay in Florida due to the fact that traveling is becoming so hard for her. It is the first summer she has not been here in 40+ years! She is the reason we have the houses at the lake and we miss her terribly. Hopefully we can get down to see her sometime soon.

They might not be here in body but Tante and Noni and also my Pops and Uncle Howie (who both died in 95) are here in spirit. They helped to make our lake community what it is today and their presence is felt around every corner. I love you all and wish that we could all gather round the table one more time for a game of Hearts :) Maybe someday in Heaven!

Noni's last day at the lake (September 2008)

Tante and Noni with their brother

Noni and I at the lake


A Buns Life said...

Enjoy her spirit!

Connie Weiss said...

That's so sad.

I haven't been to my families cabin since my Grandpa died and it will be hard when I finally do go.

Mom said...

We miss them, too.

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