Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Anniversary

After leaving Z off with my mom, I headed out to the big city to meet with S :) He had left flowers and a card on the counter for me that morning and that set the tone for the great day that we had. We spent 5 hot and sweaty innings at Fenway and left at the top of the 6th for some much needed relief across the street at Boston Beerworks. My prego body could only take so much of the hot sun beating down on me and I even stopped by the water sprayer on the way out of the stadium (I was trying to make my sweat marks blend in) :)

We watched a few innings at Beerworks while we munched on my favorite appetizer, sour cream and chive fries....I have been craving these for MONTHS :) After Papi hit his 3 run homer, and the Sox took back the lead, we started the long walk to the car (hoping to beat traffic). It was way to early to head to dinner, so we talked about what we might do to fill the time. It was too hot for many of Boston's fun attractions and so when we passed the movie theater, it seemed to call our names! We had never walked into a theater to spontaneously see a was great. Our choices were The Ugly Truth or Bruno and S graciously offered to go and see The Ugly Truth :) It was cute and even had some laugh out loud moments. After the movie we headed to dinner in our old hood :) I hadn't been back there in soooooo long (3 years or more) and had been craving their fantastic Indian cuisine. It was delicious, everything I had been dreaming about and we had a great conversation about the past 5 years of marriage and how excited we are for the new baby ;)

It was a wonderful date and I am so grateful to my mother for taking Z so that S and I could spend the day together. Thanks S for a great 5 years, here's to 55 more! :)


Connie Weiss said...

THat sounds like that perfect date! Now I'm hungry....

Babe in Babeland said...

YAY for date night! And yay for grandmas!!!

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