Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mommy Brain

**This post was written by my friend Sh, she is a working mother of two beautiful boys**

Wow, a chance to blog! I've been thinking of starting a private blog as a way to remember all of the funny things my kids do as they grow up. I tell myself to write it down, but that would require that I be able to locate a pen and paper, at the same time. It would also require a free hand. Fat chance these days!! Which leads me to my topic of "baby brain" or as I call is now "mommy brain" since I don't see it going away when my kids aren't babies. These brain cells are gone permanently. :)

Most of you don't know me, but I am, ok was, an overly organized, planned person before kids. I'm a kindergarten teacher. You pretty much have to plan every minute of the six hour day when you're dealing with 18 five year olds.

My problem is that I seem to have no memory left. With N, my first, I lost my wallet no less than 5 times. I didn't misplace it for a few hours. I actually had to call the bank each time to freeze my debit card for fear someone was spending my money while I searched high and low for several days. It always turned up, but the lady at the bank started to worry about me a little more each time I showed up with my card and license to unfreeze my card. Sorry, I have a new baby. She was young and apparently didn't have kids judging by her blank stare as I explained my multiple visits.

My mom bought me a wrist wallet when I got pregnant with my second son to help solve my problem. Two days later, I left it in my shopping cart at Target and drove away. Luckily I remembered on the way home and it was still there. Good idea in theory.

Now that number two is here, it's my keys. I lose my keys several times a week. Never for too long. Just long enough to get both kids aggravated and myself sweaty as I run through the house looking for them. The worst was when my husband came home from bringing N to daycare and informed me he found my keys, on top of my trunk, AFTER he got to daycare. How they didn't fall off is beyond me. I've also left them in my trunk (thank god for spares), but accidentally found them the next day when I grabbed the stroller. My brother found them one night on my front porch and they're pretty much always left in the front door, now the first place I look! Good thing you don't know where I live. You'd have no problem getting in. ;) My family have all joined in the search for my keys as I rummage through the diaper bag asking "Has anyone seen my keys?" They dread that question!

I have always been the responsible one. I think it comes with being the oldest. Yesterday my mom was hesitant to give me her credit card to return some things for her while I was at the mall. Umm. . . I'm dragging a 3 month old and two year old to the mall and have offered to make extra stops. Really?? When did I become the flaky one who loses everything and can't remember what I was doing?? I think it all started on May 14, 2007 and got waaay worse on April 24th of this year. ;) Thank goodness toddlers and babies are so noisy. They're impossible to lose!

Oh, I realized last week that the wrist wallet strap unhooks. I hooked my keys on! Now my keys have a really big key chain. Haven't lost them yet!! ;)


Connie Weiss said...

I can't lose things because I'm constantly looking for the things my husband has lost! He has Daddy Brain....

Great post!

J (aka: Neene/Mom) said...

Mommy brain doesn't seem to improve when you become a grandmother. I guess we are always a mommy :)

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