Monday, August 31, 2009

Switching Sides

For the past 7 years S and I have had our own sides of the bed. If you are looking at the bed from the bottom, S is on the left and I am on the right. It does not matter where in the world the bed is located, we always sleep on the same side......until now. I only know one couple who does not have set sides of the bed. They view it as a competition and whomever goes to bed first, gets to pick the side of the bed that they would like to sleep on that night. This has always fascinated me and tonight will be the first night that I get to try out the other mysterious side of the bed :)

In our bedroom, S's side is closer to the bathroom and my side is closer to the window. I do LOVE my side and enjoy the AC blowing directly on me but with the pregnancy pillow, body pillow, pregnancy wedge pillow and the 2 other pillows I sleep makes getting up by the window a very difficult task. Two to three times a night I have to move the heavy pillows out of my way (usually knocking S in the head) as fast as I can, slide down into the little alley way and "run" around the bed to the bathroom so that I can make it there on time. It has become a very difficult task.

The plan was to switch sides once the baby came anyway (S's side is where the bassinet will have to go) but it looks like we are going to have to make the switch a month or two earlier. So when I return from the lake I will say good-bye to the Right Side of the bed after 7 years. It is a little strange for me but I have not slept well in months so I figure it can't hurt anything. I just hope that S is able to adjust and that he will find more peace on his new side of the bed :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arrrghhh.....Z's Pirate Birthday Party

One month from today Z will turn is so hard for me to believe! This year we decided to break out and not only have a family birthday party for him but also a "friend" party :) Both parties will have a pirate theme and we are both sooooo excited.

His friend birthday party will be run by his Kindermusik teacher, Ms. R. She is doing a whole musical pirate adventure! There will be a craft, songs, instruments, dancing and even time to "dig" for treasure :) Her parties are amazing and I know that Z and his buddies will have a good time.

For the past few weeks I have been at the lake working on his invitation, scooping up pirate goodies and planning the two parties. I booked Ms. R back in June (yes I am love to plan things) but haven't really given it much thought until I had this chance to breathe at the lake. It should be so much fun!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Lake Without Noni

This is our first summer at the lake without Noni and it has been harder than I imagined. She was such an important part of our time up here and her absence is definitely felt. As I was going through some old games the other day, I found her old Yahtzee score sheets and I started to cry. I save everything in the game boxes (I even have Yahtzee and Clue game sheets from my Pops and he died in 1995) and it really caught me off guard to be staring at her old score sheet. Games were her thing....bridge, yahtzee, cards, board games, she loved them all!

My great aunt, Tante (Noni's sister), is also missing from the lake this year. She decided to stay in Florida due to the fact that traveling is becoming so hard for her. It is the first summer she has not been here in 40+ years! She is the reason we have the houses at the lake and we miss her terribly. Hopefully we can get down to see her sometime soon.

They might not be here in body but Tante and Noni and also my Pops and Uncle Howie (who both died in 95) are here in spirit. They helped to make our lake community what it is today and their presence is felt around every corner. I love you all and wish that we could all gather round the table one more time for a game of Hearts :) Maybe someday in Heaven!

Noni's last day at the lake (September 2008)

Tante and Noni with their brother

Noni and I at the lake

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Thoughts from Z's Grandmother

>What can be better than having a tiny one running to you, with open arms, smiling ear to ear? What can be better than having a tiny one sleeping peacefully on your shoulder? What can be better than having a tiny one hold your hand with trust and love? What can be better than being a parent? BEING A GRANDPARENT!

Becoming a parent was one of the greatest things that ever happened to my husband and I. We were very lucky to become parents three times - resulting in three adorable baby girls, that became three very lively toddlers, three very active young ladies, three beautiful women, and now two of them have become wonderful parents themselves. Now these events have taken 32 years to this point, thirty-two fabulous years of joy and wondrous opportunities.

Don’t worry; senility has not set in quite yet. Just like a woman who has gone through labor forgets the pain once she is holding her newborn (or everyone would be an only child), parents forget the difficult times of raising children when they are holding their grandchild. I think it might have something to do with the phrase “revenge is sweet”.

My girls were very lucky to grow up with their grandparents (Noni and Pops) a constant part of their lives. However, I never really understood the relationship. My mom use to say, just wait until you’re a grandmother. That was really the last thing on my mind as I ran from dance lessons, Girl Scouts, field hockey and soccer. Then I began hearing the same thing from friends.

I remember the moment the girls told me they were pregnant. Emotions run high in our family, and this was no different. Worrying about your “baby” and excitement are just a couple of the emotions that you go through when you find out your child is expecting. The day my first grandchild (Z) was born, two friends welcomed me to the “Grandparent Club”. This is a very selective group of people :)

We live close enough (an extra special bonus), that we can see our grandchildren often. As my husband says, he needs his “Z and G fix” every week. As a grandparent, you get to love and spoil your grandchildren. You get to spend time with them doing fun things. Yes, there is always some disciplining that may need to go on, but on the whole it is usually doing fun things. Then, when things get sticky (like really messy diapers, cranky, overtired babies, or just you need a break) you can give them back. How good is that? Being a grandparent is the best of all worlds – all the joys of parenthood without the stress. What more can you ask for?

So, as you are going through the “joys of parenthood” – remember that someday you may have the opportunity to become a grandparent. It will be your turn to be there to support and help, when asked. Or, if you choose, you can tell your child or child-in-law the right and/or wrong way to raise that grandchild of yours. Maybe that’s where the phrase “revenge is sweet” came from. My mother followed the first path, as I hope I am. Whether you are a parent or grandparent, children are a very special gift.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Photos

Our New Landscape :)

A Trip to the Splash Pad

An "Adventure" to the Children's Museum

My Birthday Party :)

My Birthday "Adventure" to the Beach

Another "Adventure" with Friends

The top to the baby's quilt and Z loving his quilt

A Beach Outing with Mimi and Grandpa

A summer Campfire at the Farm

Z's garden has green beans!!!

Z enjoying the "fruits" of his labor (tomatoes and green beans)

A fun "Adventure" with friends to a playground and wading pool

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mommy Brain

**This post was written by my friend Sh, she is a working mother of two beautiful boys**

Wow, a chance to blog! I've been thinking of starting a private blog as a way to remember all of the funny things my kids do as they grow up. I tell myself to write it down, but that would require that I be able to locate a pen and paper, at the same time. It would also require a free hand. Fat chance these days!! Which leads me to my topic of "baby brain" or as I call is now "mommy brain" since I don't see it going away when my kids aren't babies. These brain cells are gone permanently. :)

Most of you don't know me, but I am, ok was, an overly organized, planned person before kids. I'm a kindergarten teacher. You pretty much have to plan every minute of the six hour day when you're dealing with 18 five year olds.

My problem is that I seem to have no memory left. With N, my first, I lost my wallet no less than 5 times. I didn't misplace it for a few hours. I actually had to call the bank each time to freeze my debit card for fear someone was spending my money while I searched high and low for several days. It always turned up, but the lady at the bank started to worry about me a little more each time I showed up with my card and license to unfreeze my card. Sorry, I have a new baby. She was young and apparently didn't have kids judging by her blank stare as I explained my multiple visits.

My mom bought me a wrist wallet when I got pregnant with my second son to help solve my problem. Two days later, I left it in my shopping cart at Target and drove away. Luckily I remembered on the way home and it was still there. Good idea in theory.

Now that number two is here, it's my keys. I lose my keys several times a week. Never for too long. Just long enough to get both kids aggravated and myself sweaty as I run through the house looking for them. The worst was when my husband came home from bringing N to daycare and informed me he found my keys, on top of my trunk, AFTER he got to daycare. How they didn't fall off is beyond me. I've also left them in my trunk (thank god for spares), but accidentally found them the next day when I grabbed the stroller. My brother found them one night on my front porch and they're pretty much always left in the front door, now the first place I look! Good thing you don't know where I live. You'd have no problem getting in. ;) My family have all joined in the search for my keys as I rummage through the diaper bag asking "Has anyone seen my keys?" They dread that question!

I have always been the responsible one. I think it comes with being the oldest. Yesterday my mom was hesitant to give me her credit card to return some things for her while I was at the mall. Umm. . . I'm dragging a 3 month old and two year old to the mall and have offered to make extra stops. Really?? When did I become the flaky one who loses everything and can't remember what I was doing?? I think it all started on May 14, 2007 and got waaay worse on April 24th of this year. ;) Thank goodness toddlers and babies are so noisy. They're impossible to lose!

Oh, I realized last week that the wrist wallet strap unhooks. I hooked my keys on! Now my keys have a really big key chain. Haven't lost them yet!! ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday S

We are sad that you have to work on your birthday honey but we hope you had a nice birthday weekend at the lake! We love and miss you and can't wait to see you again this weekend :) In honor of your 32nd birthday I decided to work with Z to come up with 32 reasons why we love you! Z's reasons are in italics ;)

Happy Birthday!!!

Love Z and Mommy :)

funny, smart, kind, daddy comes home, caring, plays cars, good cook, adventurous, plays trucks, good hugs, great smile, sings Bob the Builder, loves his family, loyal, good friend, creative, he is running, musical, loves to travel, works, makes good beer, inventive, compassionate, builds great Elmo Bed, hard worker, romantic, kisses like this, loves the lake and outdoors, gives good baths, gives good back rubs, respectful, he loves me,

****Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad too! ********

Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's Vacation Time!!!

For the past two months Z and I have been going and going like Energizer bunnies ;) We have had something to do every day (sometimes more than once a day) and have had a blast doing it all. It really has been a fun summer so far :)

Last weekend when I turned the calendar from July to August a wide grin crept across my face. The first week of August looked much like June and July....jam packed with things to do. The rest of the month had nothing written on it other than "LAKE" :) For the next 3-4 weeks (as long as I can go in my "state"), Z and I will be "resting" at the lake. We are both very excited :)

This week has been hectic packing for such a long period of time. As S keeps pointing out, there is a washer/dryer, a new great grocery store and he will be back and forth for long weekends so we really don't have to pack the entire house :) I am just trying to prepare for everything. I need my laptop so I can work on editing home movies (and blog occasionally), my sewing machine so I can finish a few of the quilt projects I am working on (the babies is almost done!!), all of the potty training supplies in hopes that we work on that during our vacation and then there are crafts, games and toys to bring to keep Z occupied if it rains 10 out of 14 days like it did last year. Not to mention all of the other "essential" things that are needed by a pregnant woman and her toddler :)

I will not be disappearing for the whole month, I do have limited internet access and have lined up a few special guest bloggers for the month :) I do hope that the weather is decent (at least better than last year) and that Z and I get to go swimming, fishing, build our sandcastles and enjoy this special time with our family before the new baby arrives this fall.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Move to the Toddler Bed

Here's a story about a boy named Z who's parents did not think he was ready to move to a "big boy" bed. One day Z woke up at his grandparents house, after an uncomfortable night in his pack n play and said, "I'm too big for crib!". His parents looked at one another with sheepish grins and knew that the boy was right. He had outgrown that pack n play 7lbs and 6 inches ago......

So off to Babies R Us they went to buy a bed rail for the grandparents house. When what to their wondering eyes should they see??? A miniature Elmo bed complete with Elmo bedding. Z climbed right in and laid down his sweet head and the parents looked up to see the heavens shining down. Yes this was the answer to all of their crib worry....a toddler bed.....a toddler bed!

Z's daddy went off to purchase this bed and Z could not contain his excitement! He was incredibly giddy about the opportunity to bring home this new Elmo bed ;) As soon as the family returned to their home the bed was assembled by Z and his dad. They worked as a team and Z could not wait to go to bed. His parents prepared for a long sleepless night, they turned on Z's new nightlight and tucked him into his new bed.

Downstairs they crept and to the monitor they listened, waiting to hear tiny footsteps above. No sound was heard, Z fell right to sleep and did not wake until 7:30 the next morning! His parents checked on him a bunch and smiled at what they saw......he looked so grown up in his brand new bed, no more cribs for Z anymore.

Nap times (or rest times) have also gone well as he has a new digital clock to keep him in his room. He knows he can sleep (which he has), read or rest and when it says 3:33 mom will be back to get him and play.

Now it's off to the lake for a month (maybe less) where there is no Elmo Bed. What will happen??? Nobody knows but Z has shown us that he is far more ready than his parents have given him credit for and hopefully he will adapt to the beds there as well. Now onto Potty Training :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life is Just Too Noisy for Z

For the past year, Z has had an issue with loud noises. If there is a loud noise that startles him, he melts into a ball of tears. This is always very embarrassing because there is no reasoning with him until you remove him from the situation and he feels safe once again. The worst is getting worse with time, not better!

Typical noises that scare Z into fits of tears are: his cousin G when she squawks, other loud children, dogs barking, my mother coughing and something he will hear a lot of very soon....babies crying! If Z is prepared for a noise, it doesn't seem to bother him. For example, if we hear a fire engine coming and then it zooms by our house blaring it's tears. If we tell Z that the public toilet is going to make a loud sound and he should cover his tears. But if he is caught off guard, it is all over!

Last weekend at the beach, Z was startled by the lifeguard's whistles (we never thought to prep him for that) and our beach trip was almost ruined. It took me 20 minutes to get him to recover and I had to force him back on the beach to show him all he was missing. He then went on to have the best time and you would have never known that he was the child who was clinging to me for dear life in fear of the loud whistles.

Now we have tried many different things to break him of this horrible trait. We have taught him some strategies to deal with loud noises such as; covering his ears when he hears a loud sound, walking away from loud sounds or asking his friends and cousin to "please be quiet". Every time a baby cries we brainstorm with him reasons the baby might be crying (tired, hungry etc.). We have tried to reason with him during his fits, we have talked about situations later on after he is calm and have even ignored the behavior many times (this is difficult to do in public)......nothing seems to work!

Come October, Z is going to be in for a rude awakening :) He is going to be the big brother to a huge source of noise. It would be nice to nip this in the bud now but I know that will not happen. So what do you think is going on here??? Is Z just an odd little ducking? Is it a phase (lasting over a year)? Or do you think there might be a medical reason??? We are so baffled by this behavior and any advice would be most welcome!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Anniversary

After leaving Z off with my mom, I headed out to the big city to meet with S :) He had left flowers and a card on the counter for me that morning and that set the tone for the great day that we had. We spent 5 hot and sweaty innings at Fenway and left at the top of the 6th for some much needed relief across the street at Boston Beerworks. My prego body could only take so much of the hot sun beating down on me and I even stopped by the water sprayer on the way out of the stadium (I was trying to make my sweat marks blend in) :)

We watched a few innings at Beerworks while we munched on my favorite appetizer, sour cream and chive fries....I have been craving these for MONTHS :) After Papi hit his 3 run homer, and the Sox took back the lead, we started the long walk to the car (hoping to beat traffic). It was way to early to head to dinner, so we talked about what we might do to fill the time. It was too hot for many of Boston's fun attractions and so when we passed the movie theater, it seemed to call our names! We had never walked into a theater to spontaneously see a was great. Our choices were The Ugly Truth or Bruno and S graciously offered to go and see The Ugly Truth :) It was cute and even had some laugh out loud moments. After the movie we headed to dinner in our old hood :) I hadn't been back there in soooooo long (3 years or more) and had been craving their fantastic Indian cuisine. It was delicious, everything I had been dreaming about and we had a great conversation about the past 5 years of marriage and how excited we are for the new baby ;)

It was a wonderful date and I am so grateful to my mother for taking Z so that S and I could spend the day together. Thanks S for a great 5 years, here's to 55 more! :)