Monday, January 18, 2010

FED EX...What Have I Done to Deserve Such Poor Customer Service????

I am so angry right now.  I have used FED EX many times in the past because of their speedy service and great customer more.  FED EX you have lost a customer for good!

On December 29th I ordered some K-cups for my new Keurig Coffee maker.  The package was suppose to arrive on January 6th.  S and I couldn't wait to get our new coffee (especially since we were running low).  On January 6th, FED EX delivered two books that S had ordered from Borders.  The driver left them next to our planter between our garage doors (our walk is snowed under).  I picked them up and wondered where the coffee could be.  On Friday the 8th, we still had not received our package and so I went online to check the tracking information.  It said that it had been delivered on the 6th and placed by the garage doors.  What???!?!?!?

I immediately ran downstairs and searched our snowy yard.  There was no package.  Where could it be?  I called FED EX and explained that the package was missing.  The woman took my information and gave me a claim number.  She told me they would be in touch after they did some investigating. 

By Wednesday I had still not heard anything so I called them back.  They transferred me to one of the people "handling" my case.  The woman said they were unable to investigate because they needed more information.  What???!!!??  How do you expect to get more information if you don't call me and ask me for it???  I remained calm and answered her questions.  She asked if I had missed seeing the package.  I explained that my husband and I had searched the area thoroughly and that it had not been with the other two packages that FED EX left that day.  She then asked if someone might have taken it in for safe keeping.  I told her that we are not close to our neighbors and why would they have not taken in the other packages too if that were the case.  She then asked if someone might have walked off with it.  I told her that we don't live in a neighborhood and there is very little foot traffic by our house (especially with snow on the ground).  I then once again explained that the other two packages were there.  Why would someone take that package and not the other two???  She said, "It is Keurig after all!"  AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  She told me that now that they had the information the investigation would begin and the driver had 48 hours to investigate. They would call me back and let me know what they found out.

Today (Monday) I hadn't heard anything so I called them back once again.  I was put on hold and then the lady who answered the phone told me she would put me in touch with the person handling my case.  After a few minutes she came back on and told me she was instructed to tell me there was nothing they could do and I should contact Keurig.  What??!!!???  Excuse me??  Why is this Keurig's fault???  AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!  So were they going to call me and tell me this or is it FED EX's policy to let their customers call them for information when they say they are going to call????  AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

So I called Keurig, the woman on the phone was very nice.  She told me that the package had been delivered on the 6th.  I explained the entire situation and she said that someone would take up the investigation with FED EX and if need be they would send me out a new package.  She assured me that someone would call me back....we'll see!  So now Keurig is going to have to deal with crappy FED EX and their horrible customer service!  I know my package might not be worth that much but I can guarantee it will be the last package that FED EX doesn't deliver to my door.  I will only order from companies that use UPS or USPS from now on!  Sorry Keurig...I am thinking I need to find a new way to get my K-Cups.  This girl is done with FED EX!!!!

Has anyone had anything like this happen to them before??  What are you suppose to do?  Just eat the money on their mistake????  If anyone has any advice, I would most appreciate it.  Sorry for the tone of this email, I am just really angry and would love a nice cup of coffee right now!


Mommy Lisa said...

If a package does not arrive do not EVER EVER EVER call the shipping company. WASTE OF TIME. They don't care about you, they care about Keurig's business.

You see, you have very little power in who companies use to ship items you purchase. They have LOTS of power with the shipper they choose, because tomorrow Keurig could say - "Hey FedEx, we are going out to bid for our shipping business and you can create a proposal to compete with UPS and the USPS."

How do I know this? Two companies I have worked for have been some of the largest customers for FedEx in my town. They do WHATEVER we ask.

Poolside with the Girls said...

Speaking from the retail side of this situation, here's how it works. You are totally covered if you paid by credit card. You have 30 days to file a dispute with the cc company. Tell them this was never delivered. They will ask Keurig for proof of delivery which has to be a signature at the time of delivery. If they can't provide a signature, then they either have to credit you back or replace it. The cc company wont even wait for them to credit you, they will credit you back and take the money from the retailer. Don't wait to file the dispute. You can always rescind it when and if either of the other parties makes good on this screw up. When you use a cc you are typically 100% covered for non delivery issues. In the future, call the company that shipped the package, not the shipping company. It's the retailers job to do the footwork. Don't give them more than a few days to get back to you before you file a claim with your cc company to protect your rights. Your cc company limits the number of days you have. Never pay by cash or check. If you use Paypal, pay by credit card not by bank funds. You are totally giving up your rights to dispute and win if pay by cash. Your cc company requires retailers to get a signature on all shipments. Retailers almost never ask for them because most items arrive as intended and signatures hold up the delivery process and tick off customers who aren't home to sign for things. Hope this helps!

Annie said...

So sorry to hear that! Hope you can have a response soon.

Have a nice week.

BJ_Mama said...

Wow....good thing you "know" some ladies in touch with the right people to give you advice!
Hope it works out!

Mommy Lisa said...

Poolside is right! I ALWAYS call the company I purchased from FIRST.

FedEx is still asking me to fill out forms on a set of cookware they never delivered. I already got my refund from HSN so I toss their requests in the garbage every time I get one. - Well, have not gotten one in six months, but they sent me one every three months for nine months.

Raising Z said...

Thank you Poolside and Lisa!!! Thanks to you I have called my credit card company....I have 60 days for them so they asked me to wait a bit longer and see if Keurig pulls through. If not, they will stop the charge :) Thanks for your GREAT advice!

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