Thursday, January 7, 2010

Z and C Update

The last few weeks have been so crazy busy.  I realized that I haven't really updated you all on how Z and C are doing lately.  I apologize and will try to catch you up right now :)

Z Update

Well S and I had seriously considered pulling Z out of preschool in December.  He was so unhappy and crying at snack time everyday.  Every day I would pick up a blotchy eyed child, wearing his spare pants, who had "written" me a note about how much he missed all of us.  He was just miserable. 

Over the holiday break I met with his teachers and we put a plan in place to help Z be more confident at school.  As it turns out they were only asking him if he needed to use the potty instead of telling him to go.  Since he had regressed so much after C's birth, he was saying no and then wetting his pants.  My smart husband made the connection that he was crying everyday after snack, which was right after their class potty break.  He figured that the two were connected. 

New Years Eve Z was thrown back into underwear (diapers for nap, bed and poops) and is doing GREAT!  Elf came back to give him a present when he filled the potty chart that he had left for Z and now he is working on a trip to Chuck E Cheese (eeewwww germs).  He has about one accident a day but other than that....he is doing great.  He is independent and only needs help pulling up his pants (or fixing them really).  We are soooo proud of him.  Next we will be moving on to poop training....but we are not rushing him!

He went back to preschool yesterday after 2 1/2 weeks off and he was very nervous about going.  We role played the morning for days before and talked about all the fun he would have.  We brought his golf set into share with his classmates (part of our plan) and this seemed to help with the transition into the day.  When I picked him up he was SMILING!!!  The first time in a long time.  He even had something positive to say and he never said his usual, "I don't like school mama".  His teacher worked with him on his potty training and I think this had a lot to do with his change in attitude about school.  I hope Friday goes as smoothly as Wednesday :)

C Update

C is growing so fast!  We think she is almost 11 lbs and she is not even 3 months yet.  She goes in for her 2 month appointment (at 12 weeks old) next week so we will see what she officially weighs then.  This girl LOVES to eat :)  Her medication has really helped her refulx but gas is her new enemy :( 

Unfortunately, C shares her brother (and her mother's) sensitive stomach.  I have eliminated all soy and dairy (as best as I can...eating out or at other people's homes are tough) and she was doing pretty well until Christmas.  Since the holidays she has been struggling with sleep due to her gassy belly.  They say it can take up to 2 weeks for things to leave your system, if that is the case then we have another week until the soy from the Chinese food on New Years Eve (I didn't eat anything with soy sauce too).  If it doesn't get better soon, we will have to look at other things in my diet.  My sister wants me to try formula.....I would rather not but we shall see.

C and Z are starting to really interact now :)  Lil' C can not get enough of Z....if she is fussy I send Z in to entertain her and she will smile and coo.  He "plays" with her now and brings her baby toys.  It is really fun to see.

So there you have it, an update on our two little munchkins.  Things are going really well...just wish we could get more sleep! 


MommyBrain said...

Sounds like things are going well ... I am only two days into "flying solo" with two kiddos ... so you continue to be my inspiration and reality check ;)

C is just too cute in those stripes and hood!

MamaB said...

I'm so glad to hear that Z is possible liking preschool! I hear you on the tell them it is potty time and do not ask because they always say no!

I hope Lil C gets straighten out soon, I'm sure it is so hard for you to find things to eat and it always breaks your heart to hear them fuss over an upset tummy.

Oh and Amen sister on the sleep issue!

Beth P. said...

Sounds like things are going excellently! I am so glad your hubs connected those dots for Z and his preschool dilemma, it is really great he did so well there this week!

I'm sorry about all the dietary problems for C, though. I, thankfully, didn't have any problems for the amount of time I BF'd my son, but I can only imagine how taxing it can be. I hope it passes soon or another solution can be reached!

Annie said...

I'm so glad things are great. God bless your kids.

kys said...

Sometimes it's so hard to figure out what's going on in those little preschool brains. I'm glad you did!

Connie Weiss said...

Great update! So glad that things are going well!

We just started Potty Training M.

Annie said...

I have an award for you on my blog.

Have a nice weekend.

Sharon said...

YEAH! that's great news about the pre-school. Yippeee!

Alice in Wonderland said...

I have a niece, Ellie, who will be four in March, and is just going to pre-school, but because of the weather, she has not yet gone back after the Christmas Break. Her Mother is also pregnant again, so, Ellie seems to have regressed back into "baby-talk" again. She has just got her first "big girl" bed, and was so excited about it, but now she is refusing to sleep in it!
No "back to diapers", but I will tell my friend to start keeping a star-chart for every night the she does spend in her own bed!
Good to see Z and Lil'C are doing well!

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