Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Focus on the Family"

Connie over at the Young and the Relentless has started a new family project for 2010 and has encouraged us in "BlogLand" to join her.  This project fits in so nicely with my New Years Resolution to create balance in my life and so I am very excited to join her (a little late but that is okay).  She is calling it "Focus on the Family" and invites us to post monthly goals of things that we would like to accomplish to help make our family a stronger unit.  The goals should be posted on the first of each month and I will check them off as we accomplish them. She also encourages us to write about the things that we are grateful for that month.
I LOVE this idea and hope that it helps me be a better mother, wife and person.  Here are January's goals: 

Family Time
 *Weekday Adventure w/ daddy (including a visit to his office) 
*Take Z ice skating 
*Two Weekend Family Breakfasts (made at home) 

Z and C Time
*Play date with preschool friends (help Z get more comfortable with the idea of being at school) 
*One on one playtime w/ each child, every day 
*Help Z potty train in a relaxed and stess-free environment 

Momma Time
*Girls Night Out—January 14th (first one since the birth of Lil’ C) 
*Work out 2 days a week (at least) 
*Spend at least 15 uninterrupted minutes each day doing something for myself (blogging, reading, working out, showering ;) etc.) 
*2010 Simple Living Book Club (Thanks for the heads up on this one Connie!!!) 

Momma and Papa Time
*Have a home date night at least once a week 
*Spend time cuddling each day 

Home Time
*Finish our bedroom closet project 
*Work on our monthly budget and financial goals 
*Clean up the baby’s room (now a mess because we are organizing our room)

 I am so grateful for my children.  Even though we experience many trying times throughout the day, they bring me so much joy.  Z is such a love full of energy and curiosity.  His heart is big and he is my little snuggle bunny.  C is a momma’s girl (she knows where her food is) and her smile lights up the room.  She is growing so much every day and it is so much fun to watch.  I am so grateful for both of them!!!
I am also grateful for S and his incredible patience with me.  Sleepness nights are starting to take their toll and I can be a little bit snippy (okay Bitchy).  S tries to stay calm at these moments and talk some sense into his “crazy” wife.  I appreciate this and know how hard it must be. 
As we work to get out of debt, save money and live within our means….I am realizing how lucky we are.  I am grateful for our home, which is not only filled with everything we need (and lots of stuff we don't need) but is bursting at the seams with laughter and love.  We are so blessed. 


Mesina said...

What a great idea! I think this will really keep some balance in your family as well as just making you stop and realise what it is that you have to be grateful for. Thanks for posting this! Hope the little ones are doing well x

Connie Weiss said...

Thanks so much for participating! I love your goals for the month and that you are putting dates on them like I am. I'm put several things on my calendar and I've found that when I do this....I actually follow through.

Can't wait for the book club!!

MamaB said...

I love this idea! Even if only half of them get accomplished at least you have set goals and can focus on the future! I totally with you on the stress free potty training, good luck!

Mommy Lisa said...

Really awesome idea.

Beth P. said...

What a fantastic idea. I think having a goal in mind will definitely be helpful! What a great addition to your quest to find balance.

Annie said...

Wonderful idea and I like your list.

Good luck.

Nicolasa said...

Your list looks wonderful and it seems like you'll be able to find some major balance by the way you've set it up.

Good luck!

Connie Weiss said...

You did really well!!

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