Monday, March 15, 2010

Sibling Love

Z has definitely come along way from the early days of C's life where he locked himself in his room and would not come out.  He now loves his sister (when it is convenient for him) and SHE lights up whenever he comes into view.  Over the last few weeks Z has had some cute and funny comments when it has come to his sister and I wanted to share those with you now :)

1.  "Mom, this baby is good for us, really good for us."

2.  "Mommy the baby is soooooo cute, well when she's not crying."

3.   A Recent Conversation

   Z--"Mommy, when C gets a little older we will build her a house next to our house  
             and she can live there."

    Me--"She will live all alone??"

    Z--"Yes, we will build her a house". 

    Me--"Where will you live?"

    Z--"With you and daddy in MY house!"

    Me--"Why can't C live with us?  Won't we miss her if she lives next door?"

    Z--"She will be older and will like to live in that house".

    Me--"How old will she be??  Will she be married?"
    Z--"She will be 7 and will not be married mommy!"

4.  "C says she wants to go nap so that you and I can play by ourselves".

5.  "C drinks milk from your boobs mommy?  She likes to drink milk from your boobs, it's good." 



MamaB said...

That's awesome!!! Well, not sure about building her a house when she is 7...maybe 14 when she is moody and doesn't want to be around anyone. LOL. Amelia is fasinated by me feeding Jillian from my boobs. She likes to imitate and feed her dolls and teddy bears from her little boo boo's. So glad Z has warmed up to his little sister!

Mommy Lisa said...

Kids are so funny! My boo boo always says, "When I grow big and you grow little mama..." ;) Adorable.

Low Expectations said...

These are tooo cute! I am so glad you are documenting them so you can look back at this. Poor guy just wants some alone time with his mama!

Connie Weiss said...

That is so stinkin cute!!

Poolside with the Girls said...

How funny that he has such big plans for his baby sister. Too cute!!!

Beth P. said...

Haha. That last one made me laugh. I'm glad he came around so well - he sounds like he's doing great in his big brother role. Hey, he wants to ship her off, but at least it's only to next door ;-)

I am Lee-Ann... said...

Awww how cute is he! I love how he has moved his sister out to have your guys to himself. LOL Kids are way too funny!

Christa said...

haha that's hilarious I love toddlers they say the funniest things! Luke says a lot of things similar to Z when it comes to me feeding Mason!

Babe in Babeland said...

Oh my goodness--TOO FUNNY! Love it!

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