Monday, June 13, 2011

An Early Father's Day Surprise

Daddy was away at a conference for a few days at the end of last week and so Z and I decided to create a BIG surprise for him when he got home. 

Unfortunately I was away at a wedding during the big unveil but S did call me and I could hear the shock in his voice.  He was so excited!!!  S has been working so hard and the summer is going to be a crazy work time for him so I wanted to do something special.  He loves to cook (especially grill) and so I took our yard sale money and put it towards this very special Father's Day and early Birthday present.  Our old grill was a mess and the lighter was broken on it so I refused to use in for fear that I would burn my face off while lighting it!  He hadn't even taken any time to pull it out of the garage yet this year, it was in bad shape.  Now he (and I) can grill anytime and the burgers we made on Sunday night when I got home, were delicious!! 
I also decided to not get my mother's day present (he promised me a chaise for the porch) and spruced up what we already had.  I put up our party tent for shade (our umbrella broke last year), hung Christmas lights, bought two small tables and a new chair and a few throw pillows.  Our deck is now another living space and the kids and I LOVE being out there :)

We also have things coming up in our gardens!!!  So exciting :)  I love this time of year.


Lauren said...

Looks awesome! When are we coming over for a BBQ? LOL

Connie Weiss said...

We love our Weber grill (when we can use it) and we have a Weber smoker too.

You are an awesome wife!

Anonymous said...

We will be there this weekend to vegg on the deck with you! Looks great. Nice improv with the party tent. Think we will put our party tent on our deck too :)
MiMi & GPJ

Mommy Lisa said...

I love my chaise.

Annie said...

Everything looks great, good job.

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