Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who Am I Today??

Living with Z is like living in an ever changing story or play.  Throughout the day he may ask us to play 5-6 different roles.....there is never a dull moment around our house :)  I might start the day as a large Apatosaurus eating leaves near a pond, change into Sally from Cars (so excited for the new movie!!!) and race with "Lightning" around the house, then morph into Annie from Magic Tree House and visit many places throughout history, then jump into the ocean to search for krill as a fin back whale and then end the day in the Amazon Rainforest going to sleep as a red eyed tree frog.

Z's imagination is unlike anything I have ever seen.  He loves to enter new worlds, habitats and lands and take on the roles of the characters or animals in that world.  There was one day a few months ago where he would only speak whale.  We spent hours "moaning" to each other with words thrown in between :) He has even created his own species of whale, "the Jumper whale".  If you ask him he will describe the "Jumper Whale's" habitat, what it eats, it's physical characteristics and anything else you want to know ;)  It is his dream to find a real "Jumper Whale".

Z is a sponge, loves all things science and wants to know everything about the world around him.  His new passion is the ocean and so we created our own.  We picked the coast of Newfoundland (it had most of Z's favorite animals and was an ocean habitat close to our own), printed out animals that you would find in that area (all were researched and picked by Z :)) and placed them in the habitat. 

Z is so much fun.  His energy and questions can be exhausting but his enthusiasm is also contagious.  He helps me to learn new things each and every day.   I love my little man and I am so blessed that he has this incredible imagination and shares my love for our natural world :)

Happy Birthday to my little sister La :)  She is 32 years young today and I am looking forward to the special party that Z has planned for she and my dad (his birthday is Friday) tonight!!

Noni, K, Me, La and Mom


Connie Weiss said...

I can't keep up with all of the stuff my boy makes up! I do know that his animals like to go to GLEE club.

Happpy Birthday LA!

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