Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mika Moo

This past week, our family dog was put to sleep.  She was 10 1/2 and was such a big love.  Throughout my childhood, my dad always told us that we could have a dog when he died.  We really wanted a dog but having to lose our father over it was not that appealing.  He hated dogs and did not want one.   Then after my youngest sister went to college, he saw how sad my mom was and finally gave in to the idea of getting a dog.  The night he gave in, my sister and mother drove an hour to check out a litter of puppies and picked out our Mika Moo.  Two weeks later my mom's empty nest was not so empty when I moved back in and the dog arrived :)  I helped to raise that little puppy and she quickly became my furry little sister.  She was stubborn, hated kids (except for Z, C, G and J), and was a little slow sometimes (she once missed seeing a big moose that was right in front of she and my dad) but she was our Mika Moo and I will miss her very much.  My mom is having a really hard time right now but Mika is in a better place and I am sure she is surrounded by all of those people in Heaven who loved her.  Thanks for the memories Mika Moo, I love you!


Mom said...

Thank you!

Connie Weiss said...

I'm so sorry! I've lost several pets....and it's never easy.


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