Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Goals and Adventures for 2011

Z and I have been working on our family list for the past week and we are really excited about our summer adventure plans.  It is going to be a busy summer for S with work (VERY BUSY) and so I wanted to make sure that our plans were in place so he could jump in and out whenever he can.  Like last year I hung up our list in the kitchen and Z has been putting up stickers next to the items we have done (we have already done three!!).

This is our 7th year of making these lists (S and I use to do them before kids) and I am so glad that we do.  We always find that summer so quickly and before you know it, the leaves are changing colors. These lists have helped us to make sure that we make the most out of our short New England summers.

So here is our Summer Adventure list for 2011:

Themes to Study This Summer
1.  Oceans
2. Australian Outback (Z is on a habitat kick)
3.  Magnets
4.  Kitchen Chemistry

Family Adventures (Z and I made this list together)
1.  trip to a baseball game
2.  camp in the backyard
3.  tidepool/trip to the Seacoast Science Center
4.  picnic on the beach
5.  get Del's lemonade
6.  eat clamcakes and chowdah
7.  lobster dinner in Maine
8.  mini golfing
9.  trip to the driving range
10. trip to the ecotarium
11.  trip to the planetarium
12.  have fun on the jetski
13.  build a sandcastle
14.  visit our CSA weekly
15.  trips to the 3 Children's Museums
16.  make lots of popsicles
17.  water fun and bubbles in the backyard
18.  work in our garden
19.  trip to the splash park
20.  spend time at the lake (3 weeks :))
22.  trip to Prudence Island
24.  Storyland
25.  look for fireflies
26.  go stargazing
27.  go swimming at auntie's lake
28.  go bowling (a lot)
29.  trip to get gingerbread men at the YUM YUM shop
30.  go to the local science museum
31.  go on Uncle M's boat
32.  rockets with Chi Chi
33.  PBS reading challenge
34.  Overnight to Boston
35.  Trip to the Outdoor Science Center

I know Summer doesn't officially start for a few more weeks but we kicked if off this past weekend because we just couldn't wait :) 

Happy Summer and Happy Birthday 30th to my beautiful sister in-law A!!  I love you very much.


Anonymous said...

Please add in "with Mimi & GP JEff " to #4,5,6,8,17,22,25,26,28... We'll put those on our list too!!!!!

Mommy Lisa said...

GREAT goals. I need to get boo boo to a bowling alley - she is NOT sure she will like it.

Connie Weiss said...

What a great list!!

Sounds like it's going to be a great summer!

Annie said...

You made a great list. Enjoy summer!!!!

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