Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No one to Tag

Well we are back in full swing of Start-Up life, we had a few week lull but about a month ago things went into over drive.  The good news is that S's company got funded (that means a paycheck and healthcare!!!!), the not so good news is that they now need to work around the clock to get their product launched.  S is now leaving the house very early and returning after I go to bed.  He has talked about renting a room in the city or sleeping in the office.  I am not going to lie, this is tough.

One of my favorite sounds is the sound of the garage door when S comes home at night.  I feel a sense of relief to know that he is home safe.  This sound use to happen around 7pm and I knew at that time that he was there to help.  It was so nice to "tag" him and have him handle Z's bedtime routine while I relaxed after Lil' C went to bed.  Last year he also went into work later, so we would often have family breakfasts or he would help me get the kids dressed before he left. 

These days, there is nobody to "tag".  I am on with the kids from 6am (I try to make Lil' C stay in her bed until 6) until 8pm (sometimes later).  Weekends are a little easier because he is here to help with the mornings and evenings but the middle of the day is packed with work, house chores and family obligations.  But we have him close by and that is a wonderful feeling :)  I can't imagine what military spouses and single parents go through, or how they do it??  I give them so much credit!!!

Family time is essential and S tries really hard to make time for it.  I spent weeks on our summer schedule so that we could have a healthy balance of work and family summer moments.  He will not be able to take any vacation so we have to make the most of our weekend time.  We do still try to schedule in a family moment during the week but these days we have to head into Boston to make this happen.  Our family memberships to the Boston Museum of Science and the Children's Museum have already paid for themselves and I am so happy we invested in them.  They are wonderful places for the kids and I to play and then S meets us for lunch or dinner (or we meet him).  They also allow us to visit many other museums in New England and so our other summer days will be filled with fun adventures :)

I do have to say that I am much tougher than I ever imagined.  I try to be as supportive as I can but I do have my teary moments.  I am so proud of my husband and this journey we are on.  He is a go getter, a hard worker and one of the smartest people I know.  I love him with all of my heart and just pray that he doesn't work too hard and damage his health.  He is constantly reminded and encouraged to take time for himself (the little time that is left) and to take care of himself.  I know we will get through this time and we will be a much stronger family unit :)  Work Hard, Play Hard...that is our new family motto.


Mommy Lisa said...

You are one wonderful woman! I am so glad I get to read your thoughts. I sometimes have to take care of Boo Boo on my own for stretches when T-bone works overtime, but its only getting ready for daycare and then after pickup until bedtime. :) Hug.

Connie Weiss said...

This is a very tough business! I wish I lived closer so we could help each other out.

We just went through a week of iKeith working 18 hour days. He was project lead and nothing was going right!

Hang in there!

Mom said...

I know it isn't easy and I agree you are doing an amazing job. Remember, we are here for you, S and the kids anytime.
2 more days and I will have more time. Z can come for a sleep-over if he wants. I know he has been a little reluctant to leave home. We will see.
Hang in there, Babe!
Love you lots!

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