Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Here we Go, Go, Go, Go...On an Adventure..."

Our summer list is posted, our day pack is ready, our Museum and Kids Bowl Free memberships are in the wallet and our schedule is filled with fun and educational adventures :)  This summer is all about bargains.  We are still on a tight budget but I feel like we need some major distractions from S's crazy schedule :)

I always enjoyed the lazy summer days of being a kid.  Eating a popsicle outside, running under the sprinkler, reading lots of books, sipping lemonade and just playing.  This summer I am hoping to balance lazy days at home with fun outings and adventures.  Each week we have two home days built in.  One of the home days is a lazy day where we will try to stay home all day.  The other day I have a Mother's Helper coming for the morning so that I can garden, get errands done and have some ME time (if there is any time left :).  The kids will spend the morning playing with her and then we will have a fun afternoon together at home.

The other three days of the week will be filled with summer Kindermusik classes (each child is taking a class for 5 weeks), bowling, meeting daddy in the city for lunch or dinner and one BIG day trip.  I have lots of fun adventures planned and plan to make the most of our two museum memberships, the library passes and our Kids Bowl Free family pass.

The last few weeks of summer will be spent at the lake where we will be very LAZY and we hope to enjoy all that the lake has to offer :)  We are planning a few big day trips while at the lake but for the most part we will be taking it easy and gearing up for the crazy fall ahead.  The summer will be over before we know it so I want to make sure it is full of lots of family moments and fun :)


Nicolasa said...

I really love that you guys make a list of summer things to do each year! :-)

Connie Weiss said...

I love your plans!

And I wish I had a lake to visit....for a couple weeks. What fun that would be!

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