Thursday, December 1, 2011

Letters to Santa

This morning I was awoken by my enthusiastic son Z wearing a Santa Hat :)  "Mommy, It's December!!!  Time to open the Advent Calendar.  But Mommy if it is December, where is the snow??"  I had to giggle at this energetic chatter so early in the morning, pulled him into bed and snuggled with my very own Christmas Elf :)

The activity of the day for our advent calendar was to write our letters to Santa.  Z grabbed his list off of the fridge and he and I set out to work on the perfect letter.  He asked about Rudolph, Dasher and told Santa he had been very good this year.  He then asked for his Christmas wishes.....Star Wars Legos and Imaginext Dinosaurs. That is all he wanted to ask for, despite the long list that has been written since October.  Star Wars Legos were not on the original list and I finished my shopping back at Halloween!!  He is also not getting Imaginext dinos from the big guy, my sister got him what is a mommy to do?? 
Well I learned a big lesson today, don't shop for Santa gifts until the letters have been sent!  I can't return the items I have bought (bought them too long ago) but I will save two of the items for a future date and I just bought two items online at LEGO.  Oh I said, lesson learned!  Thank goodness Lil' C is too young to know what is going on and will be very happy with the items that Santa brings for her :)


Anonymous said...

Lesson learned!


Sarah Moore said...

I've told Lily and Oliver that if Santa has other plans - the gifts you might ask him for could be whispered in the ears of sleeping grown-ups - Christmas magic. As for the new items on the list - yup, we are there too.

Connie said...

My kids are writing letters to Santa right now.....they are promising to be GOOD because they were so bad today that the elves are going HOME.

Good idea about waiting to shop until the letters are written.

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