Friday, October 19, 2012

Leaf Catching

Yesterday was the perfect fall afternoon.  There was not a cloud in the sky, temperatures were in the upper 60's and there was an occasional breeze to bring the leaves from high in the treetops to the grass below.  As you all know, Fall is my FAVORITE season.  I love the food, holidays, bringing out my sweaters, the crisp weather, changing leaves, pumpkins.....all of it.  One of my favorite activities is catching leaves and I am so excited that Z shares my love for this activity. 
For the past few years, Z has joined me in the back yard as we chase the leaves and try to catch them before they hit the ground.  He never was really able to catch them but enjoyed it just the same.  This year that all changed....Z caught his first leaf!!!  Not only did he catch one, he caught 2 more after that.  He was all smiles as he and I slapped 5 over this big victory.  Lil'C ran around us "catching" her own leaves and giggling.  It was so much fun, the kind of afternoon where you skip the baths and all the chores that need to be done so that you can enjoy every minute of the warm sunshine while it lasts. 


Mommy Lisa said...

Fun game!

Anonymous said...

Great Idea.
Bring Z & C by Candy Lane and help GpJ & Mimi catch the leaves there.

Off to see Amber & Andy today.

This just in...I hear tell that the falling leaves can cast a spell over the Kingdom of Windham.. Take care that all who reside within, the king especially, stay within the castle walls lest he come under the Autumn Spell.

Connie said...

How fun!!

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