Monday, October 1, 2012

Rainy Weekend with Good Friends

I am sorry that I never did post about Z's birthday party on Friday.  I was too EXHAUSTED to do so :)  Lil'C and I dropped Z off at school, went to Open Gym and then came home and built a nest.  It was in that nest where we spent the rest of the afternoon.  We watched TV (she is addicted to Arthur's Christmas), played with her games, read lots of books and snoozed off and on.  The only reason I exited the nest was to get Z at the end of the day and I jumped back in when he got home :)  It was a lazy and wonderful day. 
I will share the photos and memories from Z's Awesome Angry Bird Party later this week but for now I want to share about our super relaxing and rainy weekend at the lake. Our friends were suppose to visit over the summer but had to cancel and it was a good thing too...they escaped Hand, Foot and Mouth disease!  We rescheduled for this past weekend and were a bit sad to hear that the forecast was RAIN.  The weather did not stop us though and other than a few hours of rain on Sunday (which didn't stop the boys) we really lucked out!

The weekend was filled with fishing, sailing, the last jet ski rides of the season, frogging, digging, pretending, relaxing, great conversation, a yummy dinner and lots of laid back time together.  The children played so nicely together. The boys spent most of their time outdoors, while the girls spent their time dressed up as a mermaid and a princess who lived in a castle together :)  Saturday night we had a campfire where Scott and my dad played guitar and sang while the kids ate gingerbread men and played on the beach....such a great time!
We had so much fun this weekend and we are hoping that we can do it again next year, but without the rain :)
My friend K made these adorable pumpkin hats for the kids!!!  Lil'C would not take it off :)
Digging to the center of the Earth
Mermaid fishing with her mom K :)


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