Thursday, October 4, 2012

Taking Out Evil Pigs!

It was all Angry Birds (Space) for Z's 6th Birthday Party or as Z liked to say, "Bird Day Party".  We had it at the local Bounce House where we did his fourth birthday and the kids were bouncing off the walls taking out those "Evil Pigs".  The theme of Angry Birds was decided almost a year ago and when he first played the space version of the game, the theme was modified.  It was such a fun party to plan and he had a WONDERFUL time.
What I love about this particular venue is how organized and clean the owner is.  You are the only party there and she is very good about keeping to the agenda that you create together.  The kids wash their hands when they go in to bounce, wash them before they go eat cake and wash them again when they come down to germs ;)  The party ends with a dance party and Z created a very unique set list.  He started off with the Angry Birds Space theme song, then Weekend Whip from Ninjago, the Muppet Show theme, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme song, Batman theme (from the old TV show) and finished up with Eye of the Tiger!  We gave the kids leis to wear during the dance party and most of them were destroyed by the little boys running around pulling on them :)
Z and I made Angry Bird masks with blowers for the group picture and as part of their souvenir to take home.  They came out so cute and the parents were so thrilled to be sent home with a loud blower ;)  The party favors were King Pig cups filled with Angry Bird Goodies.
I can't believe my baby is 6!!  It was a great day but we both decided on a much smaller celebration next year.  We are thinking of taking a good friend (or two) to the local amusement park.  It would be much cheaper and soooo much easier ;)
signing the birthday wall


Mommy Lisa said...


Annie said...

Love it!!! You did an amazing job. Fun party

Anonymous said...

Great Party!
Yes. Six and counting.
He'll be six all year.
You'll enjoy every day.

Lov U Gyz!
Angry Bird GpJ

Lee-Ann said...

Oh what an awesome party theme! My soon to be 7 year old would love that! Might have to steal your party ideas!

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