Monday, October 15, 2012

See You Next Year Lake...

Yesterday as the kids and I were heading up to the car to head home Z asked, "Mommy can we go say good-bye to the lake?"  With a tear in my eye (don't know why but I always cry our last weekend of the year), I started walking that way.  "Good bye Lake, Good bye Raft, Good bye turtle in the sand that M's dad made (yes K it is still there!!!), Good bye Beach....." and it went on that way for awhile.  Scott joined us to say his good-byes and I looked at the kids and could not believe that they would be another 6 months older before we would be back again....another tear fell.
gorgeous fall hike
awesome views!!
We had a wonderful last weekend with good friends.  They have a son who is 8, one who is 6 and a daughter who is 2.  The kids got a long great and they really enjoyed their first weekend at our special place.  We played on the beach, went hiking, had a late night campfire where Scott and Dad played guitar while the girls danced and the boys roasted marshmallows and on Sunday we played in the rain.  They even helped us pack up for the winter, not a fun job for anyone but very necessary. 
our little fire sprites dancing round the campfire
Here is the sea turtle, 2 weeks old and still going strong!
As I closed the cabin door, with all of the winter preparations in place, I whispered "Thank You".  Thank you lake for another wonderful year of memories.  Thank you Tante and Uncle Howie for bringing it into our lives and thanks Mom and Dad for keeping the fun alive.  It means so much to all of us and we are so blessed to have this beautiful spot to come to and enjoy.  Thank you!


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