Monday, October 8, 2012

Z's First Pats Game!!!

Scott called me on Friday and asked if I wanted to go to the Patriots/Bronco's Game on Sunday.  He had been given AMAZING seats with free parking and he thought it would be fun to go.  Our entire family was suppose to be at the lake and so there was nobody to watch my beautiful children, so I told him to find somebody else.  I had suggested my sister (a HUGE fan) but he decided that this would be a great game to take Z to.....boy was he right!!

The tickets were club seats so they had access to a lounge with couches, tables and big screen TVs when it started to rain.  They had their own bathrooms, concessions and sweet seats!  Scott bought Z a Pats Hat before the game (hoping that this would help him stop his love for the Jets) and they were off to their seats.  Ironically, my good friend Melanie and her crew were also at the game and 2 sections away :)  They all hung out during the rain together....I wish I had gone!
Z came home GLOWING!  "They won Mommy!!" (sorry Connie!!).  He grabbed his football out of the playroom and headed to bed all smiles.  What an amazing day with his dad!  Such a lucky boy and I hope he realizes that future football games will not be quite as luxurious and if they are, Mommy's going ;)


Connie Weiss said...

HOW FUN!! My boy really wants to go to a Bronco Game. We're holding off another year!

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