Monday, October 22, 2012

Loveable Lil'C

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little girl I know!!  My little princess turns 3 today and it is so hard for Scott and I to come to terms with this.  The little 6 lb baby we once knew is now a "preschooler". Saying "goodbye" to the toddler years was much harder than I thought and I will admit I shed a lot of tears.  We are so blessed to have this little love in our life and I would love to share a glimpse of what she is like right now at age 3 :)
-Lil'C loves to do puzzles!!! "Play puzzles with me?" is a phrase we often here around here.  And most mornings we can be found doing puzzles while sipping our morning coffee :)  Her fairy princess puzzle from Auntie Amber is her favorite at the moment.

-Lil'C is so enthusiastic about life!  When she sees the moon at night, you would think she had just been handed the worlds best toy.  The simple things in life excite her and she has a way of making others around her smile.

-Lil'C loves to dress up.  She loves to dress as a fairy, a princess or just put all of the contents of our dress up box on her body!  She will also go to the store like this and gets a million smiles because of it!  She also loves jammies and shoes :)  She would change both 10 times a day if I let her.
-Lil'C loves "my boys" in her Kindermusik class.  She is the only little girl in the class and she refers to the rest of her class as "My Boys".  She loves her class, is so imaginative and is the first to tell someone if they are not doing what they are suppose to!

-Lil'C loves to create.  She is a crafty girl and loves to work with any medium that is presented to her.  Playdoh is a favorite but she also loves stamps, markers, paints, crayons....anything!

-Lil'C loves her good buddies Jocelyn and Chloe.  They are two of her favorite people and she talks about them constantly.  She loves to play dress up with Chloe (Chloe introduced her to that world) and Playdoh with Jocelyn.  She is so excited to party with her two Princess Friends this week!
-Lil'C loves to visit Z's school.  On Monday's she and I have lunch duty and she LOVES it.  She plays on the playground, lines up with the 4 year olds, eats with them and then plays with them afterwards.  She cannot wait until she can go to school next year and I know she will run right through the doors without looking back.

-Lil'C loves stuffed friends!  Her crib is filled with them and she is very good about not playing favorites :)  She loves them all equally and will rotate who she snuggles with at night.  At the moment, her new Cinderella Build A Bear, a monkey she got from Grandma Mams, Curious George and her Tinkerbell are her favorites. 

-Lil'C LOVES her brother!!!  He is her world and she looks to him all day long.  He is her best friend and the person she would pick to spend all of her time with.  Yes they do a great deal of fighting but they also love to play together.  She loves to make him laugh, loves to sing with him and they already have a bunch of "personal jokes" and things between them.  It makes my heart smile to see this relationship grow. 

Happy Birthday Lil'C!!!  Daddy and I love you very much and are so proud of the little girl you are becoming :)


Annie said...

Happy birthday Caroline!!!!!

Mom said...

Lil' C is a very special little girl! All my grandchildren have special qualities, and her's is her enthusiasm in the simplest things. She gets so excited to do something, like look for materials to build a fairy house or as simple as read a new (or very old favorite) book.
Lil'C you make me smile! One of my four little miracles!
Happy 3rd Birthday!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Mimi & GP Jeff send big hugs and kisses to a very special little lady:)

Connie said...

Happy Birthday C!

I can't believe that she's three!

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