Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finding Joy in Simple Moments

This month is a busy one.  I am trying so hard to simplify but more keeps getting put on my plate.  Last week was one of the busiest weeks of my life and this week is not allowing me to recover from it.

Let me give you a quick glimpse of last week.....I started an online graduate class on Tuesday night, we made May Day baskets and goodies, I hosted Book Club on Thursday, put everything together for Lil'C's baptism on Sunday, spent a TON of time in the kitchen making food for my GAPS diet (making EVERYTHING from scratch is time consuming), was away over the weekend, made 4 Bee Stingers for the Bees in Z's School Play and then add in the rest of our weekly was a bit NUTTY!

In order to get through this crazy time of life, I am trying to find joy in the simple moments.  I have been taking slow walks to get the mail to appreciate the budding leaves, the smell of the rain and the sounds of the birds.  I put on my music and danced around my quiet house while getting ready for Book Club because my parents took the kids to Z's game last week....Thank you Mom and Dad!!!  I so enjoyed being able to sit still and watch Z's game last night....3 big hits for the little man with the coach pitching!  I love my snuggle time with the kids when we read and have been trying to do this at least once a day. And the moment we had on the beach this past weekend, priceless!

It is these moments that keep me recharged, these moments I am so grateful for, these moments that are helping this mama stay sane.  I am looking forward to the summer where life will be a little slower but yet I don't want to wish away this time that we are in right now. So many good things are happening in May, I hope that I can stay focused and appreciate them as much as I can.


Connie Weiss said...

Finding the simple things if very important when you're busy!

Thanks for the reminder.

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