Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our Summer Adventures for 2013

The kids and I spent some time last week finalizing our Summer Adventure List.  It is BIGGER than ever before and I have had to explain to them that we might have to push some of these things to the fall.  I want to make sure we have LOTS of lazy days this summer to read, sip lemonade (water kefir) and play in the backyard. The Summer Adventure list is posted in our kitchen and here is a picture of all we want to do.

We are also working on plans for a Camp Mama that will be held over 8 weeks this summer.  We have picked themes and are busy planning simple activities and field trips we can do each week around the theme.  I am also spending lots of time on our library's website picking out books that will relate to each theme.  It will be a fun way to keep learning fresh and fun over the summer and the kids are so excited about it. I will be sharing a lot more about Camp Mama on our other blog this summer, so feel free to check it our.  Our themes are going to be: All about Birds, Night Camp, Wacky World of Sports, Happy Birthday America!, The Ocean, Dinosaurs, Princesses and Star Wars and Inventors Unite (with a bit of Kitchen Chemistry).

We also started our Summer License Plate Game over the weekend and already have 10 plates.  We have a list in the car and one posted in the kitchen to keep track of the states we have seen.  The kids are super into this activity this year, I am glad that this tradition from my childhood is enjoyed so much.

What are your fun and exciting plans for the summer???


Connie Weiss said...

I love summer plans! Camp Mama sounds like fun! Can't wait to hear more.

Mom said...

Looking forward to join in on some of those summer plans once I can move around again. Sounds like some great ideas.

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