Thursday, May 2, 2013


These were the words that were screamed to me from across the playground last week.  These were the words that caused every mother around me to stop and look.  These loud words were met with a very unfavorable answer to my sweet Lil'C when I whispered to her that I had forgotten it at home.  This led to tears, more shouting, "I NEED SUNSCREAM!!!!" and more stares from the people around us.  I finally whispered to her that I would put it on her when we got home and she ran off to play.

Or so I this little girl was on a mission for "sunscream" and do you know where she went?!?!  She went over to a responsible mother on a bench, who had just applied sunscreen to her own children and said, "I need sunscream".  The shock mother looked at her and told her that she would have to ask her mother.  This was the point that I reached her, apologized to the woman and led Lil'C away explaining that we'd be leaving soon.

In my defense, this park playdate was last minute (we had been at Paint Your Own Pottery where the sun does not shine) and I was not prepared.  It was also 80 degrees at the park when the forecast had called for 70.  I did have water (go me) but no "sunscream"....I will not make that mistake again :)

So all you mom's out there, watch out!  If I forget my "sunscream" again, Lil'C might just be banging down your park bench to get herself in on the action.


Mom said...

I love that girl!

Connie Weiss said...

That is so funny! And now i"ll be calling it SunScream!

Anonymous said...

Yes! From now on "Sunscream"...
She keeps you in line:)

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