Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Not Your Typical Memorial Day....

Memorial Day for this family is the kick start of summer.  It usually involves 4 days at the lake with a huge picnic with our lake family, lots of outdoor playtime for the kids, maybe a dip or two in the water, boating, fishing, chores and family fun.  This year was shaping up to be an atypical Memorial Day with two papers due for my graduate class (seriously 2 on a holiday weekend?!?!) and a horrid weather forecast.  Thankfully there is new WiFi at the lake so I wouldn't have to spend my weekend at the local library and I packed the kids rain gear and winter hats to prepare for the WACKY WEATHER forecast (snow in May?!?!).

I packed the car on Friday while Z was at school and even picked him up a little early.  Scott was scheduled to come home early and we were all going to head up to the lake together.  Once I got all the cold food packed, I took a minute and rested on my bed.  I then came to realize in those moments of stillness just how sick I had been feeling all day and stumbled into the bathroom to see if I had a temperature.  Sure enough I did and these " allergies"that I had been suffering from all day turned out to be a virus after all.  I turned on the TV for the kids, unpacked the cold food and waited until Scott came home to break the news that we would not be headed to the lake tonight.  The kids were very upset by this news but understood that if the weather improved, they would go up for at least a day over the weekend.
The Flowers My Family Bought to Cheer me Up!
Well the weather did not improve that much (so very cold and wet) and so we stayed home Saturday and Sunday.  Many of Z's little friends did not make it up this weekend and that made being home a little easier.  Daddy spoiled them with a trip out to breakfast, ice cream and even some outdoor playtime on Sunday when the sun came out.  I focused my time on resting and getting my 2 papers done for my class (as well as all of next weeks work!!!).  Monday brought warmer weather and sun and so the kids and Scott hit the park for some tennis, we went car shopping (not fun but necessary) and then had a lobster dinner!!  It was a restful and happy weekend and though we were sad to not see our lake family, it was nice to have some much needed downtime at home!


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