Friday, May 17, 2013

Mommy and Z Day

Tonight Z graduates from Kindergarten and is BEE Number 3 in the school production of "Bugz".  It is a very exciting day and to celebrate he and I spent the morning together.  I had told him that we could go anywhere he wanted, just he and I.

He decided that our destination should be Chuck E Cheese :)  Lil'C was off to a friends house and he and went to the arcade to spend some quality time together.  It was a wonderful day with my firstborn.  We laughed, played LOTS of games together and had great conversations about life and next year.   Tonight is going to be an emotional night, I hope that I am not too teary at graduation.  I am so proud of my little man and hope that he is able to overcome his nerves for tonight's performance.  No matter what I plan to be the loudest cheerleader in his section!


Mom said...

It was a wonderful night and he was a fantastic Bee #3! He was so animated and obviously enjoying himself.
It was emotional for me too, to see my firstborn's
firstborn hit this one of many milestones. You held it together well. I am glad that I wasn't sitting next to you or I would have been crying more.
Those one-on-one days are so special. I wish I had had more with you and your sisters when you were little.
Enjoy, and cry, at each milestone your children reach. I know you will be as proud of them as we are of you.

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