Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Birthday Planning

I can't believe that in one month, my little Z is going to turn 2! I know everyone says this but time truly flies by! It seems like just yesterday I was pacing the hallway with a newborn baby in my arm. Crazy!

I have to admit that I have been thinking about Z's birthday party and presents for months (obsessing might be a better word). I can't help it, that is just the way I am......I love holidays and parties! I am one of those people who starts their Christmas shopping way early (started in May this year) and if I see something for someone and their birthday is months away, I still pick it up :) I started shopping for Z's birthday back in June and all of his presents are ready to be wrapped (I can't help it!!).

Themes are very important to me when it comes to party planning. Every party I have ever thrown has had a theme :) For Z's first birthday we had two parties (one with my family and one with S's). One of his parties was a Fish Theme and the other was Curious George. At the time, these were his two favorite things.

If you asked me back in July what Z's birthday party theme was going to be this year, I would have said The Red Sox. I was going to have foods from Fenway Park (franks, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream bars, sausage and peppers etc.), baseball decorations (wouldn't have to buy a thing), a baseball cake and give the kids Red Sox stuffed balls as favors. It was all ready to go and my mom said she would go and get the Red Sox paper goods.

Well luckily, she didn't buy them because now we are going a whole new route. I decided last month (When Z's Bob the Builder obsession started) that we would throw a Construction Truck Party. He has loved trucks since he was 15 months old and again we would not need to buy many decorations (we have a fleet of trucks) and this theme has endless possibilities.....so I decided to switch themes.

S and I decided to wait until Z turns 3 before throwing him a kid party. His two year old party will be family only so we do face a bit of a challenge.....what do you do with 5 small children and a bunch of adults??? I am still trying to work out all of the logistics (any tips would be welcome) but I am thinking of throwing a "Builders Lunch" (booze included) with a few small activities for the kids. There are a lot of great ideas out there for this party theme and I have been going through and borrowing the best. I think it is going to be a lot of fun!


Michelle said...

Hi,how fun!!! 2 already....so sad. I remember that little baby boy who would just sit here with me and be content to pull my curls and smile.

If you would like I can tell you how I made that truck cake for Ethan. I am sure Z would love it just as much. Let me know.

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