Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Honey!

Today is a special day...not only is it S's 31st birthday, it is also my parents anniversary. They have been married for 34 years!!! They started dating when they were just 15 years old :) In honor of these two special occasions, I have written two little limericks....I know it is not St. Patty's day but I haven't taught in two years so it has been awhile since I wrote a limerick :) Enjoy!

There is a great daddy named S
whose job always brings him stress
He loves his family so much
His relatives were Dutch
We are so glad he does not wear a dress

There was a great couple who wed
34 years they have shared the same bed
They raised 3 great girls
The oldest with curls
And the father in-law was named Ted

Wow...I forgot how hard it is to write a limerick :) Sorry these are not award worthy but it is late!!!


A Buns Life said...

That was cute!! Happy Birthday!

Mom said...

Thank you - it was cute!

One half of the "great couple"


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