Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fire Safety in the Home

Okay, so I was reading this book to Z the other night and got so freaked out! I feel the book is a bit scary (especially for someone scared of fire, like myself) and I started to panic about what we would do in case of a fire. I couldn't believe that in the two years I have lived in my house, I have never made a Fire Safety Plan!!!

Fire has always been something that I have feared. As a child I had nightmares about it, couldn't watch the episodes of Happy Days or Webster when they had they had the big fires, made sure my stuffed animals were away from electrical outlets and always feared that my house would be burned to the ground when we returned from vacation.

After tucking Z into bed I went downstairs and immediately started my research on Fire Safety Plans. Most plans recommended each 2 story home have a fire ladder. I researched them all and chose the one that makes the most sense for us. Ideally, you would have one in each room but since I was about to make a hundred dollar purchase without telling S, I thought I would only order one for now.

When S got home I told him of the purchase I made on Amazon and we figured out our plan. S's parents gave us the blue box from Suzie Orman for Christmas and I told S that we had to get the box ready and keep it under our bed with the fire ladder. That way we can grab it and have our important papers, computer files etc. I asked if I could also keep the wedding album under the bed (I worked so hard to get that thing together) but S said no. I might keep it there anyway and if I have room in my arms after grabbing Z and my blue box, grab it too :)

If you don't have a Fire Safety Plan, I suggest you make one. You can check out this site to help you.


Lisa said...

This is something that needs to be done in our household too. Thanks for the reminder. Moving our fireproof box upstairs and under the bed is a great idea.

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