Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Dentist....

It was no shock to us that Z hated his trip to the dentist :) We read the book that they sent us to prepare him for his first visit (it has a dinosaur in it) and told him that he was going to visit the "dinosaur dentist". He was very excited about this and kept saying, "diosaur denis". The excitement soon died down and was replaced with fear as we walked into the big brick building. I checked in and S brought Z over to the waiting room.

Z's fear melted away when he saw the "Disney" like waiting room. There were many video game systems, a flat screen TV playing cartoons, games, puzzles, books and best of all a castle! You could climb in the castle and either go into a lookout tower or slide down a carpet slide :) Z was in heaven.....well until he saw the lady with the blue scrubs.


Z freaked out the minute he saw her. Crocodile tears were rolling down his little cheeks and he squirmed from me to S and then back again asking to go "Way". We tried to have a conversation with her over his tears (so hard to do) and she gave us a kit to test our water for Flouride. She then told us that the dentist would be right with us (and left the room). Well it took a bit to get Z calmed down but we did it. As soon as his tears had dried, the dentist walked in and he started to wail again. S laid in the chair with Z on his chest while I held down his arms. All this so the dentist could count his teeth.

When it was over Z got two prizes and a toothbrush, which he would not take from the lady in the blue scrubs...but loved them later when I gave them to him in the car :) We then went back to play in the waiting room, the tears dried up and Z was happy once again. We repeat that torture in 6 months and you better believe I booked the appointment for another Saturday so S can join us for another fun filled trip to the "dinosaur dentist".


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